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Duanesburg Central School Resources and Links

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*NEW* Class of 2019 Graduation Slideshow (65MB)*NEW*

Class of 2015 Graduation Slideshow (70MB)

Class of 2014 Graduation Slideshow Video (103MB)

Class of 2014 Prom Walk-in Slideshow (8MB)

Class of 2013 Graduation Slideshow(40MB)

2013 Prom Walk-in Photos

2012 Semiformal Slideshow

Class of 2012 Graduation Slideshow(110MB)

Class of 2012 Prom Walk-in Photos

2011 Semiformal Pictures Slideshow

Class of 2011 Graduation Slideshow (112MB)

2011 Prom Walk-In Photos

2010 Semiformal Pictures Slideshow

Class of 2010 Graduation Slideshow

2010 Prom Walk-In Photos

2009 Semiformal Pictures Slideshow

Class of 2009 Graduation PowerPoint Presentations (89MB)

Class of 2009 Prom Walk-In Photos

 2008 Semiformal Pictures (Web-based PowerPoint Slideshow)

Class of 2008 Graduation Slideshows(95MB)

Class of 2008 Prom Pictures

2007 Semiformal Pictures

Class of 2007 Graduation & Candid Photos PowerPoint Presentations (20MB) 

Logan Cresap's "The Yellow Ball" video project (87MB) 

Class of 2007 Prom Walk-In Photos

2007 Bronx Zoo Field Trip for 7th Grade (Web-based Slideshow)

 2006 Semiformal Pictures (Web-based PowerPoint Slideshow)

2006 Grades 6-8 Halloween Dance Pictures (10MB)

2006 Senior Graduation PowerPoint Presentation (52MB)

2006 Prom Walk-In

Student Designed Websites (2004-2005)

2005 Senior Graduation PowerPoint Presentation (20MB)

2005 Senior Candid Photos PowerPoint Presentation (21MB)

Europe Trip '05 Pictures (1 of 2)

Europe Trip '05 Pictures (2 of 2)

Mrs. McKinley's Class Cave Trip '05 Pictures

Pictures From An Assembly To Honor Phil Amelio

2005 Semiformal Pictures

2005 Senior Prom Walk-In Pictures

2005 Senior Prom Pictures

2005 Awards Ceremony

2003-2004 Semiformal Pictures

2003 Senior Prom Pictures